Malaysia Managment and Marine Engineering Services



The Store Keeper is responsible for receiving materials. He must also ensure proper housekeeping and that the stocks are in good condition whenever they are required.

All materials received at the shop are placed in the store area pending quality control receiving inspection. The materials issued from stock shall be inspected prior to use or fabrication.

The QC Inspector will base on the drawing that stamped “FOR CONSTRUCTION” and Purchase order to examine project materials for dimensions, markings, visual condition and quantity.

The QC Inspector shall record his findings on the “Material Receiving Inspection Report”. The report shall be signed and dated by the QC Inspector, and together with the mill certificate, shall then be forwarded to the QA/QC Manager for his review, acceptance and file.

The QA/QC Manager reviews the required mill test reports, chemical and physical properties and other requirements listed in the applicable material specification. The QA/QC Manager shall sign, date and stamp on the mill test report upon his acceptance.

Any material found not conforming to the project or purchase order requirements shall be retained in the store area. Such materials shall not be issued and used pending action on the NCR.