Malaysia Managment and Marine Engineering Services




All NDE required by the project shall be performed by a qualified NDE subcontractor, which shall have its own Level III examiner, and whose written procedures, practices, personnel qualifications and equipment calibration have been reviewed and approved for Code compliance by the QA/QC Manager.


Sub-contractor’s NDE procedure and personnel’s qualification including calibration records e.g. densitometer shall be reviewed and accepted by QA/QC Manager.


Copies of the following NDE personnel qualification records for all Examiners performing Code NDE are kept on file by the QA/QC Manager:

(a)        Name level of certification and examination method.

(b)       Educational background and experience of examiner

(c)        Statement indicating satisfactory completion of training in accordance with sub-contractor’s written practice.

(d)       Copies of current examinations, or documentation of successful completion of examination in each method qualified.

(e)        Composite grades, or documented grades for each of the above examination.

(f)         Dates of certification and/or re-certification in each method qualified, and date of assignment to NDE.

(g)        Results of his annual visual acuity examination.

(h)       Signature of the Employers designated representative.