Malaysia Managment and Marine Engineering Services




The QA/QC Manager or his designee shall be responsible for verifying that all production welders are qualified for the performance essential variables listed in the WPS.

The Production shall be responsible for assigning, instructing & supervising the welder in the correct use of WPS listed in the drawing for each weld.

Each welder shall identify each weld he makes. The welder shall enter & stamp his number adjacent to and at intervals of less than three feet on each weld joint.

The QC Inspector shall keep a record of the welds made by the welder on the “Fit-up and Visual Inspector Report”. When NDT such as radiography is a requirement in the weld joint, the welder identification shall be indicated on the radiographs with other identification required by the Code.


All welding consumables shall be stored in a dry storage space.

Low hydrogen coated electrodes shall be received, checked for damaged packaging and stored. When opened, the electrodes shall be placed in a baking oven at the temperature of 350ºC for 1 hour or as recommended by Manufacturer. After which the electrodes shall be transferred to the holding oven that is maintained at a temperature of 150ºC or as recommended by Manufacturer. Baking & holding temperature can be changed in according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

Low hydrogen electrodes shall be issued for a four-hour period or only in quantity sufficient to complete the weld. At the end of four-hour period, all unused electrodes shall be returned to the store for re-baking (3500C for 1 hour) or as per manufacturer’s recommendation prior to reuse.

The welder shall check welding parameters as specified in the W.P.S. before welding.


When the welders or welding operators are not in the employment of BME, the following condition shall be met:

a)    All welding shall be performed in accordance with BME qualified WPS.

b)   All subcontractor welders shall be qualified in accordance to project requirements.